New projects

At this time, we are raising money for:

  • repair the water tower, including the purchase and installation of solar panels to power the water tower pump (around € 2,000)
  • solar panels for big house / orphanage
  • corrective ophthalmic surgery of Françoise (left on the photo), for the moment, Françoise uses glasses, but to correct the abnormal position of her right eye an intervention is definitely necessary
  • third part of the wall around the nest site

Every month, Lois receives money to fill the pantry (oil, flour, sugar, milk, butter, rice, etc.).

The wall

This wall was built with the help of The Nest Foundation. In addition to the orphanage, there is a large secondary school (3,000 students) and these students not only met their needs on the site of Le Nid, but also left behind garbage and stolen fruit. By building this wall on the fence of the border, this nuisance is a thing of the past.

The wall is not completely finished yet, we want a wall around the entire site.


Successful finished projects

  • school fees for the children (many years now)
  • new mattresses for all residents of the big house
  • start breeding the rabbit
  • renovate floors, walls and large house furniture
  • cost of motorcycle taxi
  • chicken farming

Your financial contribution to Stichting Le Nid is welcome to our bank account number NL13 RABO 0362 9131 96.

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