I prefer to talk about Le Nid …

A group of friends and girlfriends, children of Sunday school, ‘Vrouwen van Nu’, churches, Annie likes to tell you about the ins and outs of the Le Nid orphanage and its inhabitants. Intertwined with humor, you will hear how we, from the Netherlands, can support Le Nid and how projects are realized.

Meanwhile, inspiring conferences have already been given by Annie Schiltmans for various departments of  ‘Vrouwen van Nu’:

Report of the conference to the ‘Vrouwen van Nu’ in Maurik:

Annie Schiltmans

Annie Schiltmans from Erichem was our guest.
She came to the Netherlands in 1972 at the age of 19 with her husband Nico.
She told in a humorous way how the acquaintance with Erichem went
and about her life in the orphanage Le Nid.
This orphanage was founded by an American and a French. They fed children
on whose mothers had died in childbirth or during childbirth.
Annie herself is the 3rd of the 40 orphans. Both mothers have died. But one
Annie’s sisters continue their work.
Annie tries to help her sister by cooking, baking and lecturing Ivorian.
With the proceeds of this they can refurbish the orphanage and
try to let the children stand on their own feet.
This is done by, among other things, keeping chickens and rabbits and selling them again.
Annie also showed us what you can do with one piece.
How special this evening was can not be explained. You need to see and hear Annie for this.

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